Elevating Roofs

Our after market Elevating Roof (Pop Top) hugs the contours of your van and can be colour coded to match your vehicle. It is now available for Mazda Bongos, Nissan Elgrands, Toyota Aphards and Ford Fredas. This Elevating Roof gives greater head room and the flexibility to park your van in car parks and garages which would normally be out of bounds for the Fibre Glass Hightop. It comes with a sky light and fly nets giving you the option to unzip the inner canvas and allow extra ventilation. The canvas now comes in 20 different colours and is durable in all kinds of weather. Examples of our recent colours can be seen in the High Lift Roof tab. The Elevating roof can be erected in seconds. The roof raises with minimal effort thanks to the gas struts. If a bed system is fitted it creates a large sleeping area.

Elevating Roof Interior